Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dreaming Big Pays Forward

So, living the dream paid forward for co-owner, Launa's husband, Jeff, this last week. He now gets to drive around the PT Cruiser he's always dreamed of owning, and Plum Crazy Cake Co. now has a color-appropriate official delivery vehicle. the other co-owner, Heather, is starting to worry about what dream her husband will want fulfilled that will "benefit the business." She wouldn't be surprised if it were some sort of computer or electronic piece of equipment. A shiny purple MacBook perhaps? Oh wait...that was her dream.

Speaking of dreaming and dreaming big, it's been great to hear about how our venture is inspiring some of you to think about starting that thing you've always wanted to do. We are pretty amazed at how many of our friends' fledgling businesses actually will dovetail with ours.

There's some really great synergy going on in Fresno. As we walked around in downtown a few days ago trying to get paperwork filed and our business accounts set up, it felt like a lot of good things are happening or starting to happen. We even drove past the storefront of our new friends from Events Divine on Fulton. 

We are excited to support them in their Open House on August 5th. We'll  be bringing some fabulous petit fours to tantalize the taste buds of their supporters. This will be our very first "official" event as Plum Crazy Cake Co. and we're pretty thrilled about it!

If you're not already a "fan" of Events Divine, head over and "like" their page on Facebook.

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