Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adventures in Cake

So here we are...only days into our new venture, Plum Crazy Cake Co., and we're going a little (ironically) plum crazy!

It took us a good two weeks to decide on our business name. And now that we've done that, there is a vast array of paperwork that must be filled out, filed and even published in a local newspaper (and who even reads those things anymore?) There's even more mind-numbing things to consider, such as seller's permits, state and federal taxes, health codes and more. But, we're determined to do this business up right from the start.

A professional logo design is on the way. Contracts and intake forms are being created. Hair is being pulled out. Coffee is being consumed late at night and early in the morning (and mostly both). But a dream is becoming a reality...and that's exciting.

Even more exciting is that we have booked our first cake decorating class and have orders enough to keep us busy in August and September.

Pretty good for a fledgling business, if we do say so ourselves!

Stay tuned as the great cake adventure continues...

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