Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Learning Curve - Part 2

So, as mentioned in Part 1 of our previous blog, The Learning Curve, on Thursday and Friday last week, we were down working on our projects for the week. While Heather worked on cake party stuff, Launa was busy creating our Mocha "Cuppa"-cakes -- an amazing idea that Launa came up with this summer when we did a trio of cakes for our good friends, The Whitfords (read about it here).

This time, we were making them for our good friends at Alphagraphics. Dean and his crew have been good friends to Plum Crazy Cake Company by providing us with our business cards and note cards for a very discounted price and in exchange for some of our treats. It was a good business move for us as we were starting up our business. And, we were hoping that they would feel the same after trying one of our Cuppa-cakes!

First off, Launa whipped up a batch of mocha cupcakes and let them cool. Then she started in on the the "candy cup" that the cupcakes would sit inside. After melting down some of the chocolate "candy melts, she filled wax-coated paper cups with the stuff to create the "cups."

Launa filling the wax paper cups with melted chocolate (aka "candy melts")
After it hardened, she peeled away the cup and pulled out the candy molded "cup."
This is what the finished product looked like...mmmm!
Then, she whipped up a batch of meringue buttercream to act as the "whipped cream" on the Cuppa-cake. We then used an edible marker and made boxes alongside of the cup and marked one a la Starbucks and then wrote the names of each employee at Alphagraphics. After inserting a piece of green sour licorice, we were ready to deliver them. 

To add to the coffee theme, we were able to use three of the serving trays from Starbucks to hold the Cuppa-cakes, which we asked for when we picked up a To-Go Box o' Coffee for the 12 employees at Alphagraphics.

There are really cupcakes in there. See the one on the left peeking through?

They seemed to really like them! 

Dean and Kamray, of Alphagraphics, ready to enjoy some Cuppa-cake!

In addition, we sold our extras to some of the teachers at Launa's son's school and they freaked out over the fact that not only was their name on the cup, they could eat it!!

So, next time you're looking for a different and fun way to serve a treat to your friends, family or employees, think of us and our divine coffee-inspired cupcakes. We promise, you'll like them a "latte." (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

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