Friday, August 13, 2010

With a Little Help From Our Friends - Part 2

Well we survived!

We survived our first full week in operation. It almost killed us, but we lived! You've already read about the chaos of making 50 miniature wedding cakes for a promotional event and tag-team family vacations. Now here's the rest of the story for the week...

Friday found Heather driving Launa's PT Cruiser (a.k.a. "The Cakemobile") down to our friends at Pro Signs to get a custom decal of our logo put on the back. They did an excellent job and we're grateful for their suggestions and expertise.

After Launa got it back and admired its beauty on Friday afternoon, she started in on our first official order that night.

This cake collection is the one Launa had been dreaming up since June -- as mentioned in her personal blog. As she guessed, it was a huge undertaking and she appreciated all the help she received (Thank you Patti and Amanda!).

Patti helping on Saturday
The three cakes were for a family that is near and dear to us and sadly will be moving to Washington D.C. in a week. We know it’s an exciting adventure for them to be on, but it is still sad for us. When Launa first heard the news of the Whitford’s impending move she new she wanted to pay a special tribute to such an amazing family and it’s fair to say that she more than succeeded in doing so.

Each cake represented the family members and the things they love. Mike, of course, got a baseball cake. Each licorice stitch was individually “sewn” into the fondant.

Launa "sewing" in the laces
Robin’s cake was a replica of our table at our weekly bible study. Her spot was always marked with her bible and coffee.

The bible itself was a mini cake with painted gold-edged pages and the coffee was a candy molded cup with a cupcake inside, complete with “whipped cream” and green candy straw.

Robin enjoying her "mocha"
And true lovers of all things Disney (they get it by way of their daddy), the girls couldn’t have anything other than a Minnie Mouse cake with hand–cut polka dots, molded ears and bow.

We don’t know who loved their cakes more but it was worth every hour of work to see the look of joy and amazement on their faces when they saw their cakes. The presentation of the cake trio was saved by our friend, Scott Douty, who did a quick afternoon spot-weld repair on one of the cake tier supports (Thanks Scott!)

The Whitfords going away party was a huge success and everyone agreed that the cakes were fitting to each of them. Long after they leave we will remember them as a great family that inspired our best work and helped us launch our business. We are forever grateful to them.

And so, after both of us hung up our aprons (and speaking of that, we're in process of having some official Plum Crazy aprons made up) and put our feet up, we reflected on a week full of both new and old faces and cake, cake, and more cake. 

After all, Launa did such an inspired job on the Minnie Mouse cake, that we have two orders for it already on the calendar.

And, so...the adventure continues....

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