Sunday, September 11, 2011

Celebrating "One"

Much like always, this summer has been a crazy busy time for us. Rather than being a mellow relaxation into a pool of cool and languid lazyness, both Launa and Heather have kept us the constant activity that seems to characterize our lives as mom of young children.

While Heather had a family reunion out of state and other summer activities, Launa had a better reason for sleepless nights and a full schedule of "To-Do's. She and her husband (and three other children) welcomed little Asher Phillip into the family in early August. Born just shy of 5 lbs, he is continuing to plump up nicely.

With both of us having teachers as husbands, our summers tend to stay full of activity since we have "daddy" home and plan a bevy of family fun activities to keep little hands and feet busy and enjoy that extra daddy time.

So with all that in mind, we decided to take some time off from making cakes and just enjoy (and let Launa recover and get some sleep!)

We did, however, celebrate two special first year celebrations. The first was our very own one-year anniversary for our business, Plum Crazy Cake Company, on July 20th. Circumstances (many listed above) prohibited us from celebrating with an appropriate beverage, but we hugged and congratulated each other and making it through a crazy, fun, stressful, fulfilling first year in business. We wouldn't want to do this with anyone else.

The other was for a sweet little boy who turned one in July. With Launa indisposed, Heather took on the bulk of the cake order herself. While not the first time she has taken the lead on a project, it's the first time she has baked and decorated the entire thing without Launa present (although she did get some help with some fondant work - yay!). The order was for a puppy dog cake for little Owen (who loves dogs). So, we did a two-tiered fondant covered cake and a smaller personal cake for the birthday boy to dig into.

Two tiered puppy dog cake with personal cake for the birthday boy

Close up

We heard from his mom and grandma that Owen dived into his cake like a champ and greatly enjoyed it. Happy Birthday, Owen!

After making sure we were all squared away on our quarterly business taxes and annual state tax, Heather temporarily closed up shop on the business side of things and enjoyed time with her family.

Launa didn't stop dabbling in cake, though. She made a fun cake creation for her youngest sibling to mark both her high school graduation and preparations to leave to go away to her first year of college.

Tiered cake with mini "grad hat" cakes

Close up of tiered cake

After getting our children squared away in their new year of school and getting our bearings (somewhat), we are feeling ready once again to take on more orders. Our next project will be a "welcome home" party for a sweet little six-month-old boy who has been adopted into a loving family. With adoption especially close to our hearts (Launa has an adopted daughter and Heather has an adopted nephew), we are thrilled to be able to provide the "yummy" for this particular celebration.

Launa is also feeling ambitious (and energized) enough to seriously consider entering a demo cake or two into the Fresno County fair in a few weeks. We'll keep you posted.


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