Monday, April 11, 2011

The Madness of March

March marks the six month point of the existence of Plum Crazy Cake Company. I'd say most days it feels like it's been longer than that -- but in a good way. We've done so many projects, filed so much paper, filled out so many forms, it seems like we've been operating for longer than July 2010.

At the same time, it's hard to believe we've been in business for half a year already. Although we don't have the volume that other cake shops might have, we're proud of the cakes we've created and the work we've done.

This month, we were so happy to provide cupcakes for a baby shower for our beautiful friend, Teresa, who has been waiting for this baby for 10+ years. Although we did these "personally" and not through Plum Crazy Cake Company, they were still definitely "us." We decided to follow the theme of Teresa's bedding -- featuring a chocolate brown blanket with butterflies in light and hot pink with green accents.

We decided to do our signature candy melt monarch butterflies to match atop lemon and vanilla bean flavored cupcakes.

Launa adding the candy melt wings to the cupcakes

We think they turned out super cute.

Candy melt butterflies atop lemon and vanilla bean cupcakes
 We were happy to work with our fabulous friend, Suzanne Devereaux, from Encore Events and Party Planning. As usual, she did a gorgeous job and the tablescapes were perfect! Thanks Suzanne!

Somehow Suzanne has just what we need to make the party fabulous!

The next weekend we were back in the kitchen as Plum Crazy, working on two separate orders from the same client. One of them was one of our sweet Elmo cakes.

The other was four dozen "Fiesta Cupcakes" with poured icing on top.

Once again, we locked up the kitchen in the early hours of a Saturday morning, but it felt great to have everything finished and looking great...and another satisifed customer.