Saturday, September 18, 2010

Now It's Officially Official

So, even though we started Plum Crazy Cake Company in July and have been working like mad to get the business end up and running, and even though we've made several cakes for events, we had not yet made our first cake for profit.

Until this week.

For some reason, starting this particular cake with the knowledge that this one was the official first made us all the more focused -- and a little messy. You should have seen the kitchen -- our storage bins were spewing out the cake supplies and tools of the trade; there was  fine dusting of powdered sugar all over the floor; the smell of baking cake was in the air; and the KitchenAid mixers were whirring away making buttercream frosting at high speed.

Launa is the cake gal. Heather is the business gal. The original plan was that Launa would take on this cake solo and Heather would relax at home. Then Heather got a crazy idea -- "why not take the limited knowledge of cakery that I've received from Launa and bake a cake for my sister's 32nd birthday?  And, I can do it simultaneously!!"

So, we were both there early Friday morning getting things ready and then baking our respective cakes, and mixing up batches up fondant and coloring them. And then we came back that evening at 8:30 after the kids went to bed. Launa had some other things to do liking preparing the candy melts and mixing in the colors for some butterflies and flowers atop the cake. Heather cut out a bunch of tiger stripes for her sister's cake.

Midnight came and we were both there still. Heather finally packed it in, and did some dishes, before heading home to sleep for about 4.5 hours before meeting our running team for the Saturday's long run. Launa wouldn't leave for another 2 hours!

Saturday dawned and Launa was back early to prepare the cream cheese filling, work on the candy melts, and cover her cake with fondant. After checking in after getting back from her run, Heather packed up the 4 kiddos to help clean up the kitchen for the next group that had reserved it. (By the way, it's really hard to sweep a floor with a baby clinging to your leg.)

By 10:45 a.m., our client had arrived and we said goodbye to our first official labor of love. Knowing that it was going to our mutual friend, Erika's, baby shower made it even sweeter.

And later that afternoon, Heather took her first solo cake over to her sister's house. She enjoyed putting those tiger stripes on so much, that she made a mini cake for her parent's anniversary and put zebra stripes on that one -- creating an "Africa" feel to the celebration.

Heather's sister, Mindy was impressed.

A Tale of Two Sisters

And if you are impressed at all with what she created, then all credit goes to the fabulous Launa, who has taught Heather everything that she knows (and that's not much) about making and decorating cakes. (This is where I insert the plug for you to register for one of our cake decorating classes.) And Heather says that if she can do it, then anyone can.

Next up....a Minnie Mouse Cake fit for a princess!

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